Supplier FAQs

Is there a limit on how many products I can upload?

Nope! List as many construction equipment, parts, tools, and accessories you'd like - all for FREE. We only charge a commission on sale.

Who is responsible for remitting State sales tax?

It depends on the State of the buyer. Gearflow Inc collects and remits State sales taxes for the 12 States we are required to: AL (4%), AZ (5.6%), CT (6.35%), IA (6%), IL (6.25%), MN (6.88%), NJ (6.625%), OK (4.5%), PA (6%), RI (7%), SD (4.5%), and WA (6.5%) for non-tax-exempt buyers. Please let your Account Manager know the States where you collect and remit State taxes. If they are outside these 12 States, we will collect them on your behalf and submit them back to you with a report each month. The tax remittance back to you will coincide with your sales earnings payout on the 15th.

Can I upload my company's terms and policies?

Yes, and we encourage you to! In your dashboard under "Storefront," there are options to input your Return Policy, Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, and Other Terms. Users will be able to see these terms in your storefront by clicking on the "Policies" link. Feel free to use the terms you already have in place. We are here to showcase your products, reviews, and policies to generate more orders. Treat your storefront like your own website.

Can I bulk upload my products?

Yes, and we will do it for you! Once you are approved, please send your Account Manager your export from your system with all necessary product info: Make, Model, Serial #/Part #/SKU, Price, Description, Quantity, etc. Pictures can be sent separately and our data entry team will assign them appropriately.

What are the categories of heavy equipment?

Here is the list of heavy equipment categories with a sales commission of 4.25% capped at $1200/product:

  • 18000+ lbs Industrial Cranes

  • 2500+ lbs Skid Steers

  • 2800+ lbs Compact Track Loaders

  • 39'+ Scissor lifts

  • 8000+ lbs Warehouse Forklifts

  • Articulating Wheel Loaders

  • Boom lifts

  • Bulldozers

  • Compact Crawler lifts

  • Concrete Trailers

  • Crawler Mini Cranes

  • Dump Trucks

  • Full-size Excavators

  • Water Trucks

  • Full-size Loader/Backhoes

  • Indirect Fire Heaters

  • Industrial Mobile Generators

  • Landscape Loaders

  • Ride-on Trenchers

  • Ride-on Wheel Sweepers

  • Rough Terrain Forklifts

  • Single Drum Vibratory Rollers 

  • Telehandlers

  • Towable Flameless Heaters

  • Towable Hydronic Surface Heaters

  • Towable Sweepers

  • Truck Cranes

What are the categories of light equipment?

"Light Equipment" is an all-encompassing term for parts, tools, accessories, supplies, and actual light equipment. The commission for sales in this category is 9.75% capped at $1200/product. For a listing of all the various light equipment, please refer to the FAQ "What are the categories of heavy equipment?" Any type of equipment that is NOT listed there is light equipment.

How do I track my orders and sales?

You get a full transaction history under the "My Wallet" section of your dashboard, and free sales reports. The sales reports are the Top 5 Sold by Revenue and Volume and a trailing 12 month snapshot of revenue generated on You are also able to track Return Requests and Cancellations through your dashboard.

What support does give?

We are here to answer any questions with your account setup process and ongoing maintenance. We review your business W-9 and send you a listing agreement before your storefront goes live. We also review your products and storefront and suggest edits to make it look as attractive as possible before go-live. Our motto is Your Equipment Assistant and we live by it!

How much are the payment processing fees?

We use PayPal as our payment processor. They charge 2.9% for credit/debit card transactions, bank transfers, and PayPal Credit transactions + $0.30/transaction. See the breakout of PayPal's transaction fees here: If we process a wire for a high-dollar heavy equipment purchase, it is a flat $50 processing fee from Chase Bank.

How am I paid out?

Every 15th of the month we will send you the payout from your eligible sales. Your payout is the revenue you sold less PayPal/wire transaction fees and our sales commission. You can be paid out in 2 ways: 1. Signup for a free PayPal account and we will transfer the funds instantly on the 15th. We absorb the $0.25 payout fee. 2. Have us send a physical check on the 15th via USPS mail. See more information on PayPal Payouts here: